Advanced Composition for Non-Native Speakers of English
Subject-Verb Agreement Including Rules For Subject Verb Agreement (in 1st quiz)
Neither the apples nor the basket is expensive. 
Rule: When subjects are joined by or, either...or, neither...nor, the verb must agree with the nearer subject.  Please read on...

This page is brief.  It links to several quizzes about subject-verb agreement.  When you open the first quiz, clues (or rules) are provided for each quiz question.  If you apply each quiz clue to each quiz question, it is possible to "figure out" the correct answers, so by the time you complete this quiz, you will have an excellent understanding of subject-verb agreement rules!


Quiz One is a "learning" quiz because every question has a "rule" or "clue" that accompanies it.  If you take your time to apply each rule to its corresponding question, it will be possible to "figure out" the correct answer to every question.  You may take this quiz as many times as you wish.  Repeat the quiz until you can apply all the subject-verb agreement rules to the quiz questions.

Quiz Two is a "review" quiz to show mastery of the rules in Quiz One.  This quiz has no printed clues.  Like the first quiz, you may take this quiz as many times as you wish.



Quiz One is available HERE as a two-page worksheet for in-class handouts.  Page one contains the quiz.  Page two contains the clues or rules for each quiz question.  (PDF file, 55kb)

SUGGESTION FOR CLASS USE:  Ask students to work in pairs to answer the quiz questions.  Allow students to discuss the clues or rules for each question (even in their native language) to arrive at the correct answer choice.  By working in pairs, students can "negotiate" the meaning and application of the clues to each quiz question. 

(In my advanced classes, 15-20 minutes to a half-hour will allow students to comfortably complete the quiz, which should also allow time for full-class discussion and review of all answer choices.)


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