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Students' Giving Instructions Essays - Models

We should begin by extending our hearty "Thanks" to all the students whose essays appear on this page. The Giving Instructions essays below are all written by former students both in the US and Mexico and are included here with the permission of those who wrote them.

This first section is thorough because Giving Instructions essays are often the first organized essays that students in composition classes write. Each essay below contains a clear topic sentence with a topic and controlling statement. Beginning writers should use these essays as models for their own first giving instructions essays, noting especially the use of topic sentences.

  1. A Word of Advice
  2. A Message to the Newcomers (Topic and Controlling Statement are clearly marked.)
  3. You Have Made It

Note to Teachers: Ask your students to read these three essays to note their similar organization and then complete this Giving Instructions Essay Worksheet (PDF file) about ONE of the essays which they can later discuss in groups.

More Giving Instructions Essays

  1. How to Nose Balance Almost Anything
  2. How to Make the Right Career Decision
  3. How to Be a Good Traveler
  4. How to Be a Good Citizen
  5. How to Be a Good 100 Meters Swimmer
  6. How to Tune Drums
  7. How to Care for a Blind Dog
  8. How to Dye Your Hair
  9. How to Make PiƱa Coladas
  10. How to Get a Hundred in Chemistry
  11. How to Repair Your Bicycle's Flat Tire
  12. How to Organize Your Bedroom

The common denominator to all these essays is good organization. When writers state the organization of their essays as clearly as these students did in these essays, the essay is both easier for the writers to write and for the readers to read and remember. In addition, readers can readily see that these writers have something specific to say.

Finally, the free WordWeb dictionary is an excellent tool for anyone, both native and non-native speakers of English, so I have included my own five-paragraph essay, How to Download and Install the Free WordWeb Dictionary.