Advanced Composition for Non-Native Speakers of English

Adjective Clauses

Please read these directions carefully because they are very specific.

Directions: Combine each pair of sentences into one sentence containing an adjective clause. In every sentence, use the second sentence as the adjective clause. Your answers will be "graded" by computer, so your answers must be exact. Be sure to spell and punctuate correctly because if you do not, your answer will be counted wrong. Finally, do NOT use commas in these sentences. If you do, your answer will be counted wrong.


1: The man was wearing a blue shirt. He witnessed the accident.

2: The boy was studying in the library. I talked to him very quietly.

3: The book is about the history of Mexico. I bought it yesterday.

4: The house is still standing. Abraham Lincoln was born there.

5: The man reported the accident. His car was damaged.

6: The research paper must be finished by Friday. David is working on it.

7: The church is very old. My grandparents were married there.

8: 1910 is the year. The revolution began then.

9: The people are very kind. I am staying in their house.

10: The students passed the exam. They studied hard.

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