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Hi! I've lived in Querétaro, Mexico, and taught at ITESM beginning in 1995. For fourteen years, I taught English, Computer Systems, and Mulitmedia at the high school level and Advanced Composition almost exclusively at the university level. Also during that time, for two and one-half years I served as a consultant to COBAQ, a system of high schools in the state of Querétaro, Mexico. Through working with COBAQ English teachers throughout the state, our goal was a common curriculum to lift the level of English among all COBAQ high school graduates. Part of my work on this project involved writing all the monthly and final exams for all 17,000 students in the state!

After eighteen years in Querétaro, I like it very much! For one thing, I hardly ever drive my car. Instead, on most days I walk to the markets and to downtown. Here are photos of one walk to the market, and here are some photos of Querétaro's traditional, life-sized nativity scene.

Queretaro is a beautiful Mexican colonial city, population about 1.5 million. My goal with ESLBEE.COM now is to develop its technical aspects by adding more interactive parts and by teaching online classes for international students.

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